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The road ahead will be an interesting one. For the foreseeable our plate is looking rather full. Eccentric Miniatures is the absorbing out time. The first set of miniatures are the 13th century knights. We hope that how we have designed and produced them will appeal many different groups of people. We believe that model builders building static scenes will want them. The roll player who wants to build a custom character, or who needs a few town guards. The table top war gamer needing to field an army, as well as those who just need a few for a skirmish. We hope that the way we package and price these will appeal to gamers on a tighter budget.

We are starting off with smaller boxes of miniatures than we typically see others produce. We are also building up around selling types of components by the sprue. This should help expand the range over time. Some sprues will work great with an existing set, others maybe not. Some sprues may not be immediately available as they are produced, because the really don't make sense until you have enough other sprues to go with them. So we may be working on some project for a while before you see the fruits of out labor.

The immediate challenges in front of us will be interesting. We are juggling how work and work as we ramp the miniatures line up. So we are in that awkward transition between full time jobs (outside of this business) and a full time business. What this does mean, is that we are not in one of those sink or swim type situations. We believe that this is one of our assets. We can grown in the direction we need to grown in without having to cave into pressure just to get something new out just to say we did it.

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